Friday, April 20, 2012


via Alvin Ailey

What a difference a day makes. I think my nervous energy yesterday paid off and this morning I am feeling more serene.

Yesterday, I managed to go to training, pick up paint chips, stock up on staples, clean the flat from top to bottom, secure a tenant, find a doula, schedule a second job interview, read half the internet, and go for dinner with a friend followed by a fabulous performance by Ailey II at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre.

It was a gorgeous way to round out the day...something so elemental about great modern dance. I was joking to my friend Leigh that I was tempted to storm the stage. Imagine the headlines: "Rogue Pregnant Lady Leaps into the Act!" In my own mind I am as graceful as these dancers. In reality...not so much. Watching them move did make me long for the day when I have my own body back. I like being pregnant, but of course there are many positions you just can't contort yourself into when you are carrying a baby, and sometimes even a deep stretch feels a little off and unfamiliar.

I also find it curious that on some days I find accomplishing one small task to be completely daunting. And then others I am in a rhythm and seem to have unstoppable energy. I guess there's nothing quite like a deadline.

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