Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Brooklyn Boom

Williamsburg, 2012

Yesterday I picked up the May issue of Elle Decor and was amused to find a travel section on Brooklyn. I think it picks up on a lot of great places (like Vinegar Hill House, Isa, and Frankie's), but a visitor might be dismayed when they figure out just how large the borough is. I can't tell you how many times Euro tourists have stopped me on Bedford Avenue asking where they can find the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens or Brooklyn Museum. I feel sort of badly when I tell them it would be easier to go back into the city and then out again than to get there from Williamsburg (unless they took a car service.)

Note to non-New Yorkers: Park Slope is nowhere near Williamsburg, which is nowhere near Dumbo, which is nowhere near Ditmas Park (which is nowhere near Red Hook.) It takes as long for me to get to Cobble Hill as it does to, say, midtown West. This isn't a bad thing: all of these great neighborhoods make Brooklyn what it is. But I don't think you can "do" Brooklyn in a day, anymore than you could "do" Manhattan in a day (and Manhattan is much smaller.)

In any case, they're not the only magazine with Brooklyn on the brain. New York has an amusing article called "The Twee Party" about the artisanal food boom in the borough. Eh, laugh all you like, I love it here.

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